Podcast “Der Genealoge”

Der GenealogeTimo Kracke reported in number 29 of his podcast “Der Genealoge” about my genealogical homepage. I gave him a small report in advance. Have a look to his homepage at www.dergenaloge.de. He already produced more than 30 issues of his great podcast, which are available on iTunes, too. I am very happy about every new issue. In number 29 of the podcast, he reported about this page:

  • Hofen / Hoffen is the name of the place, my ancestors came from. But I still searching for this place.
  • Facebook, Twitter, Google and other social media are very important to keep or get in touch with family members. I already found a 3rd degree cousin using Twitter and Facebook.

But now I wrote enough. Have a look and listen to “Der Genealoge”

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