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First I was sure that my ancestors came from Hofen (Runkel) near Limburg / Lahn and settled to Hungary from there. In April 2014 I visited Runkel and had a view to the church books there. The books are available since 1650, but I found no Weilands or similar names for the time from 1650 to 1750 in the books.

Then I checked the records in Hofen near Aalen and now I am sure, that there has been no Weilands in this period of time. The same is for Hofen near Stuttgart.

Now I have a new theorie: Hoffen in Alsace, France. This was German at that time.

On  “Etat civil numérisé du Bas-Rhin” the church books are available online since 1729, but my ancestors left Germany before 1725. I found a lot of Weilands in Alsace and there are many cities with “hoffen” in the name, like “Reichshoffen”. I hope to find there the roots of my ancestors.


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  1. Hi Thomas,

    I’m Kathy Simonik Bevier, ; my tree is bevier simonik two. You gave me a lot of information a few years ago, and I think we figured out that I am a 2nd or third cousin to your Dad. My Weilands settled in Elberta, Alabama and Chicago. Gr grandparents were Veronica Mayer and Jacob Weiland, from Hogyesz.
    My Mom interviewed one of my Dad’s first cousins in Alabama in the 1980’s and was told that Veronica’s ancestors came from Donau County , Germany and Munich, and Jacob’s ancestors came from Stiermark, Austria. I think that a branch must have gone to Stiermark from Germany, and some might have also gone to Hogyesz. So the Austria group are our Weilands. My uncle Henry Simonik very strongly said that all these Hogyesz families ALWAYS traveled together as a group in Europe and America, so it is possible that Weilands, Mayers, and many of the other Hogyesz people came from the same place. I think he meant that it was large group migration of whole families and not just chain migration. He also said that he thinks that Count Apponyi must have paid for their passage, since they were very poor.
    There is a large group of families in Ozaukee County , and also in Watertown, Wis., near Milwaukee , who came directly from Alsace in the 1850’s, which include Weilands, and many of the other names in Hogyesz. Almost like a mirror image. of surnames. There is a Ozaukee county website where I once found a list from the town they came from in Alsace, in which the local priest listed the people emigrating and put down their destination; Wisconsin, Ungarn etc. I tried to find the list again but I think the site was corrupted and not functioning. I think it is very possible that the Wisconsin and Hogyesz groups are related. Some branches of the Wisconsin group, also settled in Berrien county Michigan, and in Chicago. I recently got my DNA results back, and some matches led to trees with people from Alsace and Rhineland Phalz. , including people in Wisconsin, and Michigan. Have you done a DNA test yet? There was also a match to some Mayers In Pittsburg, Pa. who are very close cousins to Veronica Mayer and to other names from Hogyesz. I just noticed today that my second cousin Theresa Hagendorfer Papa from Elberta had her DNA on my match list. A while ago she listed some names in Elberta who traveled with Veronica and Jacob from Hogyesz to Elberta. Pfaff was one of those names, also Pech and others. I also figured out a search method which sometimes works to search for groups of people. It might not be a new idea, but it worked . I started by searching on 2 0r 3 names in a group of names on a regular search engine like google or bing etc, and then kept adding names until there were no more results. A 6 name search led me to a list of students at a school in Toronto, and I knew a Simonik left Hungary in the 1960’s and went to toronto. This would be most accurate with less common names included and with names which are mostly in their mostly original form. I also made contact a few years ago with the family of my grandma’s brother Frank Weiland ( changed to Wieland). The families lost touch in the 1970’s. They lived just a few miles from us in a nearby suburb and we see them at least every year. now. You may check my tree and add them to your list . Hope some of this information helps. I need to send some of my cousins to check out your site too. Kathy Bevier.

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