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First I was sure that my ancestors came from Hofen (Runkel) near Limburg / Lahn and settled to Hungary from there. In April 2014 I visited Runkel and had a view to the church books there. The books are available since 1650, but I found no Weilands or similar names for the time from 1650 to 1750 in the books.

Then I checked the records in Hofen near Aalen and now I am sure, that there has been no Weilands in this period of time. The same is for Hofen near Stuttgart.

Now I have a new theorie: Hoffen in Alsace, France. This was German at that time.

On  “Etat civil numérisé du Bas-Rhin” the church books are available online since 1729, but my ancestors left Germany before 1725. I found a lot of Weilands in Alsace and there are many cities with “hoffen” in the name, like “Reichshoffen”. I hope to find there the roots of my ancestors.


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