First family tree of the Weilands-family

Michael Winkler (1729-1810) was priest in Gödre, Szakadát (1759-1768) and Bonyhád.In these time, as far as I know around 1762, he created a lot of interesting documentations about the history of the cities and the churches there. There exists a german book “Glaube und Kirche in der Schwäbischen Türkei des 18. Jahrhunderts”. In these book there is a picture of a family-tree. Winkler has created a lot of family trees, but the book is not showing one of them in detail. A genealogist who has some of the trees as copy helped me and gave me a copy of the family tree of my Weiland family. This is the first known family tree of my Weiland family.

In these tree there is a note about the origin of the danube swabian settlers: “Hoffen”. Now I have to solve the game to find this Hoffen/Hofen. First I was sure that it is Hofen near Limburg/Lahn, but now I am sure that it is not. I hope I will find out where this Hoffen is.

Stammbaum von Pfarrer Winkler

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