Podcast “Der Genealoge”

Der GenealogeTimo Kracke reported in number 29 of his podcast “Der Genealoge” about my genealogical homepage. I gave him a small report in advance. Have a look to his homepage at www.dergenaloge.de. He already produced more than 30 issues of his great podcast, which are available on iTunes, too. I am very happy about every new issue. In number 29 of the podcast, he reported about this page:

  • Hofen / Hoffen is the name of the place, my ancestors came from. But I still searching for this place.
  • Facebook, Twitter, Google and other social media are very important to keep or get in touch with family members. I already found a 3rd degree cousin using Twitter and Facebook.

But now I wrote enough. Have a look and listen to “Der Genealoge”

Letters to Weilands in my area

My grandfather told me, that there came other Weilands from Hungary to Germany. They settled in the Nuernberg-Fuerth area in Germany. I know from my research in Hungary, that it is very possible that we are related, but I don’t know exactly how.

Now I tried to contact these families by letter. For this I searched the phone books of Nuernberg, Fuerth and Erlangen and wrote letters to these addresses. I only took the addresses that are in the phone book of today and on the D-Info phone CD from 2002, to prevent to write to people that came to these cities in the last few years.

I hope to get some responses to these letters.


Hofen / Hoffen

First I was sure that my ancestors came from Hofen (Runkel) near Limburg / Lahn and settled to Hungary from there. In April 2014 I visited Runkel and had a view to the church books there. The books are available since 1650, but I found no Weilands or similar names for the time from 1650 to 1750 in the books.

Then I checked the records in Hofen near Aalen and now I am sure, that there has been no Weilands in this period of time. The same is for Hofen near Stuttgart.

Now I have a new theorie: Hoffen in Alsace, France. This was German at that time.

On  “Etat civil numérisé du Bas-Rhin” the church books are available online since 1729, but my ancestors left Germany before 1725. I found a lot of Weilands in Alsace and there are many cities with “hoffen” in the name, like “Reichshoffen”. I hope to find there the roots of my ancestors.


Request to the Deutschen Dienststelle WASt

On 19. November 2012 I requested the documents of my grandfather Josef Shober at the Deutsche Wehrmacht on the “Deutsche Dienststelle WASt”. More than ten month later on 24. September 2013 I got copies of the Wehrstammbuch, medical reports and documents and a photo. I had to pay 20 EUR which is very moderate. If you like you can order such documents for your ancestors here, if they are related with the Wehrmacht in any way. After sending the form, there is no answer, even no reception report. A long time later you will get a letter with details about the documents they have and how much it will cost to send copies of them. A few days after payment the copies will come by snail-mail.