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amount of data vs. quality of data

Since June 2012 I am doing genealogical research and a few days ago my family tree reached the number of 3000 persons. I started with a bit more then 20 persons. But the goal is not to get as much persons as possible to the database. The quality of the data is important. How do I reach this?

menschengruppeWebtrees is my master application for the family tree. But Webtrees does not offer much ways to ensure quality of data. In the last weeks I started to correct the city names and to get one consistant version of all city names and added the geo coordinates to the Google Maps module, to show events on the map. Then I used the duplicate search to find duplicates and fixed this.

The next step will be the source citations. As I started my research, this was too less important for me, but this changed now.

All few month I am exporting the tree to a GEDCOM file and import this to GSP (Gedcom Service Program). In this tool I can validate the GEDCOM file to find logical errors. If possible I will fix this errors, if not, I will add a todo in Webtrees.

Sometimes I add things to the tree, where I am not sure if they are correct. If this happens, I am adding a comment that shows this fact. Later I will verify this. I know that this is maybe not the best solution, but it worked very well in the past.

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